How much time do we waste carrying out gestures and actions that we delete from a long list magically destined to be recomposed the next day?

We don't always realize it but, getting lost in the DOING mode, we risk finding ourselves, running in the wheel like the hamster without ever reaching our destination!

In the midst of all this, where are we?

Mindfulness teaches us full awareness of the present moment. It helps us embrace a new lifestyle that allows us to savor our days moment by moment. To be aware of our emotions, to return centered, aligned with ourselves. To pay attention to the wrong mental patterns that lead us into thinking errors. And, over time, to recognize the traps of the mind before falling into them!

Through exploration exercises we investigate all of this. But practice is the central pivot of Mindfulness. Through the formal one, we take time out every day to meditate. While the informal one we do it every time we choose to carry out normal daily actions (brushing your teeth, making the bed, eating meals ...) in full awareness.

The figure of the facilitator proves invaluable because provides guidance in the exploration phase and during meditation and helps to arrive at a personalized practice plan that allows those who want to embrace Mindfulness to have full control of their thoughts, and their emotions by arriving thus to achieve full well-being.

Introducing Mindfulness into your life means making a profound gesture of love for yourself. Because it is finally  possible to become aware of what one is doing, of what one is and no longer let oneself be passively carried away by events. But one becomes the protagonist of one's life. The most precious gift there is.


Irene Losito -IPHM Accredited Therapist

My skills...

Mindfulness Educator - Advanced professional training for Mindfulness teachers - AMPT  | I deal with facilitating paths of meditation, awareness and body-thoughts-emotions well-being also through the formulation of a personalized practice plan.

Professional Love Coach | I help people get rid of a difficult past and prepare to have a fulfilling and happy relationship.

Hatha Yoga Instructor | Hatha Yoga blends a sequence of Yoga positions and breathing techniques in a conscious way to balance and unify the opposite levels of energy in the body and mind.