Have you been considering how to become a holistic therapist? Vast amounts of very ancient and more modern Holistic therapies are coming on the market and this is one of the largest  growing industries around the world, with more and more jobs becoming needed in this sector, especially as now holistic and complementary therapies now become more accepted by general medicine and the public are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits.

As a therapist, your job is to work with your clients and to help them with mental, physical, and emotional health.  A holistic therapist is anyone who practises any of a number of holistic, complimentary, beauty, spiritual or any other number of natural therapies. 

If you currently work as a therapist and healer and feel that your skills deserve some recognition then by becoming a member of the IPHM we can help you to spread the word. 

Training to become a therapist - Depending on how you like to learn will depend on how you train in this field. Many people attend workshops and classes and many others find that home study and developing their own natural skills is the way to go. However you have been taught, ie Self-taught, Classes & Workshops, Self Development, the IPHM are here as a support for all therapists, healers and training providers. 

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